Starting Here At WordPress

Hi there! I have always wanted to write for a good blog. To be frank, I have been with BlogSpot for sometime now and I got to say, nothing really attracts me beside the Adsense revenue. I have heard many good things about WordPress and I am here to personally experience it!

First to start, I love to write and I have just started writing few months back. Thanks to my full time job, I am very busy and when I get back, I am extremely tired. With many advises and motivation from my girl, I finally made up my mind to continue my favorite past time which is writing.

I got to tell you I was so happy to write as when I write, I write with my heart and experience. I truly believe quality of the content will affects one’s result. I I am now trying to balance my time writing for HubPages, Triond, Factoidz and even here!

Even thought I wish to monetize my blog over at WordPress, I know it is impossible at the moment. However, I wish to have my own blog as time pass and hopefully I will have enough experience to handle one!

I got my talent from writing from my father. He is a great writer but it was already the past. I am living with my mother as they are both divorced. However, I am glad that i have the writing talent and I look highly as a writer.

Even though I am writing daily, I am still not sure if I can consider myself as a full time writer. I have a day job which pays me well but I hope to be able to venture out to the world (in the future of course!) as a writer. Due to my busy and hectic life, it is hard to find time writing. However, I am trying hard to manage one article per day.

It is so fun of writing and I am truly enjoying every moment of it. Writing might be a tedious job but I am looking forward to publish my own book and become a famous author/writer in the future.

To visit my articles at HubPages, click here


About Reginald Chan

Reginald is a social media strategist and experienced content writer working closely with startup companies in terms of brand visibility and digital marketing. Personal blog:
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